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Several computers across campus have been identified as having an unsupported version of Microsoft Office for Mac, and due to a major security vulnerability of this version, affected users will need to update to the latest supported version. Some Macs running versions of MacOS 10.12 (MacOS Sierra) or older will require updating to a supported version of MacOS 10.13 (MacOS High Sierra) or MacOS 10.14 (MacOS Mojave). We realize that these updates can be a challenge for some, so we’ve taken steps to make them as easy as possible.

Affected users will see the following prompts beginning daily on Dec 2, 2019.

Clicking Uninstall will begin the uninstallation process. If your device is running at least MacOS 10.13, your device will immediately follow-up with a reinstall of Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac. For devices running MacOS 10.12 or older, Uninstall will be followed by a prompt to update your device's operating system.

**NOTE: ITS strongly recommends you ensure your data is backed up prior to beginning the upgrade process. As always, ensuring your data's safety and integrity is your responsibility**

If you need assistance backing up your data, or at any point during the upgrade process, please submit a Computer Assistance Request at or call the Technology Help Desk at 828-262-6266.

Following the OS update, you will be able to install Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac from the Self Service application on your Mac.

**NOTE: These messages will begin displaying for affected users on Dec 2, 2019.  Note that if the uninstall is not completed by the Dec. 17 deadline, it will be done automatically.**

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