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Step-by-step guide to Add Quickmail block


The Quickmail block is not available in the Student view.

  1. From the main course page, click the gear menu (top right) and select Turn editing on

  2. Click the hamburger icon (top left) to open the drawer menu and select Add a block at the bottom.

  3. Select Quickmail from list of blocks. If it is not in the list, it is already turned on for your course.

To Use the Quickmail block

  1. Locate the Quickmail block on the main course page.
    Image Modified

  2. Click Compose Course Message 

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  3. Click the dropdown list for Who should receive this message? Selections include All in Course, roles (everyone in the course who has that role), groupings, groups, and individuals by name. Click items in the list to add them to the To address field. To remove an item, click the × on the nameplate in the To field.

It is also possible to include attachments with the email.


In the Message area, compose the email you want to send. You can elect to check the box where you will also Receive a copy of the email.

 quickmail message composition windowImage Modified


Students can reply to these email messages and the replies will go to your email account.  NOTE:  Unlike the Announcements Forum, when you send Quickmail, there is no student-accessible copy of the message posted in the course.  You, as the teacher, have access to your Quickmail "history," but the messages you send to students are only sent to their Appstate Gmail account and will only be visible there.

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