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Updates, while generally very safe, do run minimal risk of data loss. Please ensure you are backing up your data to another location regularly to avoid risk. One of our Desktop Support Specialists will be happy to assist with this process. Please visit and submit a request for Computer Support.


  1. In your Applications folder, launch the Self Service app.

  2. You will be greeted with the Featured page that shows new or recommended apps. From the Categories on the left, navigate to ASU-Software Updates and select the Install Apple Updates and Restart option that is available.
  3. Before proceeding, read the description which will detail any requirements or recommendations.
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  4. Click the Install button to begin updating your Mac.
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    When you initiate an update, your Mac will download necessary components and will need to restart to perform the installation. Before proceeding, save your current documents, quit any open applications, and copy all files and user data to another computer or backup drive. If this is a laptop, please connect to a charger at this time. This process could take a while and your Mac will be unavailable during this time.

  6. Click the Install button to begin updating your Mac.
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