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You can add a vendor that is not found in YoMart.

  1. In Banner, query for the vendor's name in form FTIIDEN (Entity Name/ID Search). 
    1. Use the Last Name field for corporations
  2. If the supplier You can use the Campus Dashboard: Vendor Investigator to confirm if a vendor is in Banner.
  3. If the vendor is in Banner 
    1. Send an email to Dawn Sturgill and ask her to add the supplier to YoMart 
    2. She will review the vendor information and approve or deny the request
  4. If the supplier vendor is not in Banner 
    1. Send the supplier vendor a Vendor Information Packet
    2. Have the vendor return the Packet to you via FileLocker
      • Email is not secure and should not be used to transfer confidential information
    3. Once you receive the completed vendor packet, send it to Dawn Sturgill via FileLocker
    4. There will be a review of the vendor information and approval request to activate the vendor in YoMart
    5. An email will be sent to the user to let them know that the request was approved or denied