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Search Documents to find Requisitions or POs

  1. Documents -Orders > Documents -> Search Documents
  2. If you are in Simple Search (only 3 fields to search by) click the Advanced Search Link in the Go to: section below the search fields
  3. Change the Search box to All Documents
  4. There are the optimal ways to search for Requisitions/POs
  5. By User (including yourself)
    1. enter your name in the Prepared By field
  6. By a specific number
    1. Enter the Requisition or PO number in the Document Number field
  7. By the payee/vendor/supplier name 
    1. Enter the payee/vendor/supplier name in the Supplier field
  8. Click Search
  9. If there is a Requisition or PO it will be displayed here
  10. A blue spinning icon next to the number means it is pending
  11. A green check-mark means it is completed
  12. A red X means it is returned/rejected
  13. Click on the requisition number to view more information
  14. If there is a Contract associated with this requisition
    1. On the Requisition Summary tab, scroll to the Supplier/Line Items section
    2. In the Boxed area on the right side, the linked Contract Number will be displayed
  15. To view the approval workflow, click the PR Approvals tab
  16. You can also click on the comments tab to view any system or user added comments to this requisition or POSearch > All Orders
  17. Change the Type of Order to Requisitions or Purchase Orders (depending on what you want to search for)
  18. If you know the order number enter it in the Quick Search and hit enter - Otherwise utilize the filter to limit the search results

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