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  1. Click the gear at the top right of your course homepage for more administrative functions.
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  • Edit settings: Provides access to global settings for your course site
  • Turn editing on/off: Turns on/off editing functions for the topic area and blocks
  • Filters: Allows you to control which filters are active in the course
    • Multimedia plugins - Converts HTML links in text that points to a multimedia resource and replaces the link with an appropriate multimedia players
    • Activity names auto-linking - Scans course text for activity titles that exist in the same course and creates a link to them
    • Display emoticons as images - Converts textual emoticon (smiley) characters into images
    • TeX notation - Displaying math formulae in TeX notation using images
    • MathJax - For adding mathematical equations and expressions using an equation editor
    • Glossary auto-linking - Scans text for glossary entries that exist in the same course and creates a link
    • Convert URLs into links and images - Converts URLs in selected formats, such as Moodle auto-format, to click-able links
  • Gradebook setup: Page where gradebook for the course is set up by the teacher ; may only be used if you have no existing gradebook configured
  • Outcomes: Add and manage outcomes in the course
  • Backup: Create a backup of your course by following the provided prompts
  • Restore: Restore a course backup in a new location
  • Import: Recommended when you have selected content or individual activities in an existing AsULearn course that you wish to add to another AsULearn course on the same server.
  • Download course content:  Downloads the entire content of the course in folders to a local folder. 
  • More... click to see all the Course Administration options: