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STEP 1: Review your Google Dashboard to see a list of Google products that you have used. Google Accounts are vast. 

1. Sign into your AppState Google Account
2. Click on your account profile icon in the top right hand corner of the email window.
3. Below your name and email, click on Google Account
4. In the window that appears, select "Data and Personalization" and click "Go to Google Dashboard"
5. You can see an overview of when you last used a product and what you did with it by clicking on that
product’s name in the dashboard. This is a helpful tool that will remind show you of the products that you
have used and that might contain data or login information from your AppState Google account.


5. You will see a list of third-party sites and applications. These are sites and applications to which you’ve
granted permission to access your Google Account, and you can see on this list to what parts of your
account they have access to. These tools and apps might not function in the same capacity when your
account is deleted.  Transition accordingly.  

Step 3: Review the list of possible services that may require an email address to be on file.