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Broken page layouts are almost always caused by content with malformed formatting/HTML being pasted into the editor. To prevent (and resolve) this issue, it is best to always paste content in as plain text and do any formatting (i.e. headings, bold/italic, lists, tables) with the AsULearn editor.

To paste content as plain text, use the keyboard combination CTRL (CMMD for Mac) + SHIFT + V (instead of the standard CTRL (CMMD for Mac) + V).

To fix a broken page layout, edit the last content that was changed, copy the content (usually in the description field), and paste it back in as plain text. If you're unsure which content was last edited, the offending content is usually about where the layout breaks on the page. If you are unable to access it because of the broken layout, use the Activities block to access lists of course activities where they can be viewed/edited directly.

Content by Label
cqllabel in ("asulearn","asulearn-faculty") and space = currentSpace()