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  1. After adding the Secondary Teacher role, while still on the Participants page, use the Enrolled users dropdown menu at the top to select Permissions.
    From enrolled users dropdown menu select permissions
  2. On the Permissions page, use the Advanced role override dropdown menu near the top to select Secondary Teacher.
    Select Secondary Teacher as the role to override
  3. There are a number of permissions, so it may help to do a Find (ctrl-f or cmd-f) on the page for the phrase Manual Grading.
    Set both the permissions for the Manual Grading Report to Prohibit. Scroll the the bottom and click Save.
    Set both permissions to prohibit
  4. To insure that names are now removed, go to a quiz, click on the number of attempts, and use the Grades dropdown menu at the top left to select Manual Grading.
    From grades dropdown select Manual grading

    View without name (override prohibits it):

    No name displayed

    Prior View with Name::

    Name displayed
  5. Once you have all your blind grading completed, you can return to the Participants list, click the pencil icon, and click the X on the Secondary Teacher role to remove it, then the floppy disc icon to save: 

    Click X to remove Secondary Teacher role from user

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