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  1. Click on the quiz link created by your instructor in AsULearn.

  2. Already Installed SEB
    If you have already downloaded the Safe Exam Browser earlier, then click on“Launch Safe Exam Browser”.

    First Time Using SEB

    If this is your first time using Safe Exam Browser, click on Download Safe Exam Browser.
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    Download safe exam browser buttonImage Added

    If you click on “Download Safe Exam Browser”: It will take you to the download page, please pick the one that fits your device (i.e. Windows, MacOS or iOS).
      Save the download file onto your device.
      Then open the file from the download folder on your device.
      Follow the instructions and download the Safe Exam Browser.
      Once the Safe Exam Browser is successfully installed, go back to the quiz page in AsULearn and choose“Launch Safe Exam Browser”.

  3. If the Safe Exam Browser is successfully installed, students should see the option to choose "Launch Safe Exam browser.

    launch safe exam browser button
  4. *You will then be asked to login to AsULearn using your ASU ID and password on the Safe Exam Browser.

  5. You can take the quiz on the Safe Exam Browser by clicking on the “Attempt Quiz now” link.

  6. Once you are done with the quiz and submitted it, you can quit the Safe Exam Browser by pressing the Exit button on bottom right of the browser window.
    Exit icon in Safe Exam browser