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Step 1: Make reservation and get the room code

There are 4 locations on campus for light boards
Leon Levine Health Sciences (LLHS 459) Lightboard Calendar Link

Ann Belk Hall - to reserve contact Darrell Laws
Peacock Hall (Peacock Hall 2064-B) - COB faculty should contact their department admins.  Non COB faculty should contact Sabrina Cheves at
Belk Library and Information Commons
Leon Levine Health Sciences (LLHS 459) Lightboard Calendar Link

It’s a good idea to post a “Room in Use” tag on the outside door while you will be using the room.


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Step 5: Set up your workspace


  • When writing on the board, look at what you are writing. When talking about something on the board, point at it and look at it.
  • When you aren't writing or pointing, look at the camera.
  • Leave yourself a window - a blank space on the screen. Or at least try not to draw horizontal lines through your eyes or mouth.
  • When pointing, try to point from the side, not from the back, so that your fingers stand out against the black background.
  • Dry-erase and wet-erase markers squeak. To reduce squeak, use fresh markers and don't push so hard against the glass. With a light touch, you can mostly avoid squeaks. Taping Tapping on the glass will also be heard on the video. 
  • Plan your talk so you know where you are going to be drawing on the lightboard. If you need to erase frequently or add another board, it's probably too long.
  • Pause before starting, and look at the camera. This gives you a clean cut point to edit out your walk-on.
  • Expectations for videos are higher than for classroom lectures, but you needn't strive for perfection. 
  • Leave room at the bottom of the screen for closed captions.
  • Do a practice run before recording a long piece.