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  • Works with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote
  • Graded student responses can be easily exported to your AsULearn Gradebook
  • Learning activities: use polls as ice breakers, group work and competitions, think-pair-share activities, and graded quizzes

Recording of the online training from Poll Everywhere

Instructor Login 
Poll Everywhere is integrated into our single sign on system.  Go to, select sign in, and put in your Appstate email and select NEXT.  You get an option to ‘Log in with Appalachian State University’. Use this option to use your normal Appstate password.  Just like you use for your appstate email.  If you forget your password use the Appstate password manager to reset it.



Students can submit responses via web browser, mobile app or text message.  For graded responses make sure the students login before beginning the poll.