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The best way to email contact students in your class is to use AsULearn’s Announcements or QuickMail block since these do not require the setup of a mailto: handler or email client.  AsULearn .  AsULearn is synchronized with Banner so you can be sure that you are contacting ALL your registered students during the volatile drop/add period. With each of these options, a record of your communication (forum post or email) is retained in the course. 

  • Announcements (formerly News Forum) is is a tool within every course created in AsULearn. Instructors post a message topic in the forum and the post will then be automatically emailed to all class members with a 3015-minute delay to give you time to edit, or within 5 minutes if you can check the option: Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay. Click the link in this paragraph for more detailed instructionsIf time critical, QuickMail is considered to be speedier than Announcements.
    Note: In order for the message to be sent from Announcements, the AsULearn site must be available to students.

  • The Quickmail block is added to each AsULearn course by default. Send email to the entire class, groups, or individual students. 
    Note: The AsULearn site does not need to be available to students in order to send.


Students can see previous Announcements posts from the main course page. Quickmail messages are sent to students' email accounts or their AsULearn Messaging drawer (speech bubble icon, top right), but they can delete them from either location.

Step-by-step guide to Add Quickmail block

If the Quickmail block is not visible on your course site, a Teacher must add it.





The Quickmail block is not available in the Student view.


Configuration provides settings and defaults for using Quickmail specific to your course, that is, your Configuration settings will be different for each course. Click the onscreen blue question marks (question) for help with the settings. Click the Save preferences button to save any changes: Back will cancel your changes.

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