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OCR, or Optical Character Recognition , (OCR) scanning means that the text in the scan is searchable and readable by a screen reader, making it more accessible to those who are vision impaired. It is a much better scanning option than the a typical image scan that is often the default scanning mode for most copiers and scanners.

The OSA application on a Sharp copier will automatically create an ADA-compliant, readable, searchable, and correctly-oriented PDF that your students will thank you for! . Then, you can use the Google Repository in AsULearn to easily add your scanned PDF to your online course materials!


  1. On the copier’s display, find and press the OSA tab.
  2. On some machines, you may need to press the the Drive Image option. 
  3. On the Login screen, press User and enter your ASU App State Username (not email address) using the on-screen or pull-out keyboard, then press Ok.  Then Then repeat the process for Password and press Ok.
  4. Once your username and password have been entered, press Ok at the top right.
  5. Select Scan to Google Drive.
  6. Place your material on the copy bed and press Scan to scan to the root directory of your Google Drive.

    Note: You can press Start for multiple pages, or Read-End to finish.

  7. When you are finished with have completed your scanning session, press the user picture icon.
  8. Then press Logout.

Video Tutorial

Feel free to check out this complete video tutorial for more details:

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      2. Type in your AppState App State email address and click on Next.

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     3.  On this screen, type in your ASU username  username and Password, then click Sign In.


     4.  Just like when logging into any other ASU App State service, you will need to confirm your identity with DUO. Click on the the method of verification that you normally use or prefer.

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     5.  In order to use the Google function, you must click on Allow to give access to your Google Drive account.


     9.  Once you are happy with the setting, click Start to scan the job (bottom right corner).   It will be scanned directly to your Google Drive.          Image Removed

If you have any questions, feel free to submit a request at, or call the Help Desk at 262-6266.