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  • 2,000 messages per day (Note: limits include vacation responder messages)
  • 10,000 messages forwarded per day (not included in the daily sending limit)
  • 2,000 recipients (500 external recipients - external recipients are people outside domain) per message in the TO, CC, and BCC fields. 
    • Note: Google Group Groups (Google Groups has replaced listserv) counts as a single recipient, but a group created in your contact list counts as the number of people in the list
    • If you use POP or IMAP (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail), then the limit is 99 recipients per message
  • 3,000 external recipients per day
  • 3,000 unique recipients per day (individual addresses count once/day -- 2,000 external recipients)

Consequences of reaching a sending limit:

If you exceed the Google Apps email sending limits, you may see an error message such as: