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  1. Go to

  2. Look in the top-right corner after the page loads.
    1. If you see "My Account," click it and then select Log In.  Log in to Atlassian however you would normally.

  3. In the top-right corner, if you see your picture or your initials click that and select Profile
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  4. Select "EmailAccount Preferences" on the left side.
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    Enter your personal email address and Save Changes.
  5. If you previously used Google, Microsoft, or Apple to log into Atlassian, you may have to perform a password reset using your personal email address.
  6.   Click "Delete account"
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  7. Read over the message from Atlassian and then confirm account deletion.  Please note that in order to completely remove all your content from the Atlassian Cloud, you will have to manually do so.
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