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When installing, configuring, and using the AsULearn mobile app.


  • When in doubt, use the laptop/desktop environment.
  • Some third-party apps will launch in their app, if they have one and you have it installed. Other third-party apps are not supported in the AsULearn mobile app yet, and will ask to open in your device's browser.

Step-by-step guide


Download the app

The AsULearn mobile app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.


Install the app

After installing the app, you’ll need to allow access to the microphone and photos/media/files

In the Site address field, enter


On the Connect to AsULearn screen, select the site you would like to access (AsULearn, AsULearn-Projects, or AsULearn-Global).

You will be directed to log in to the site


Use your ASU username and password to


log in.

You will then be directed to go back to the AsULearn app.


Synchronization can be automatic or manual. Pull to refresh in that view to manually synchronize the data for that view only.

Under App Settings, Synchronization a list of the sites stored in the app is displayed. Clicking the refresh button next to a site results in all automatic sync processes being executed immediately, so all activities with offline data that haven't been synchronized in the last 5 minutes will be synchronized.

Learn more about synchronization.


The AsULearn mobile app lets you keep up to date with all that is happening in your AsULearn courses


. Learn more


about notifications.

In the AsULearn mobile app

Use the 3-dot icon in the bottom toolbar.

settings iconImage Modified

Select App settings.

app settingsImage Modified

Select Notification preferences.

notification preferencesImage Modified

From the Notification preferences, you can set all Web and Email preferences in the AsULearn app, including notifications specifically from each course activity, like Assignment, Forum, etc. When Web is selected in the dropdown (third line), all the settings below apply to Web notifications. Select Email in the dropdown to modify settings for all the Email notifications. To disable all notifications from the app, turn on Disable notifications at the top of this screen.

notification preference optionsImage Modified

Timeframe settings

The default timeframe for notifications can be changed by clicking the calendar link in the bottom toolbar, then clicking the 3-dot icon in the top right, selecting Settings, and choosing a different time as the default notification time.

calendar event settingsImage Modifiedcalendar default settingsImage Modified

The notification settings can also be customized for each event. Click the calendar link in the bottom toolbar in the app, then select the event and use the dropdown for Notifications to select from several different timeframes. Select Disabled to turn off notifications for the event.

event notification preferencesImage Modified

On the Android device

Go to Settings.

android settingsImage Modified

Select Notifications.

android notificationsImage Modified

Enable or disable notifications for the AsULearn app.

On the iOS device

Go to Settings.

settingsImage Modified

Select Notifications.

notificationsImage Modified

Select AsULearn.

Set preferred notification settings for your device.

Navigating sections

To navigate the different sections/topics in the course click on the dropdown menu beside the name of the course. You can elect to display one section or all.

dashboardImage ModifiedsectionsImage Modified


Use the 3-dot icon on the bottom toolbar, select App settings, and click Grades

gradesImage Modified

Overall course grades are displayed. Selecting an individual course will display activity grades for that course. Selecting an activity will display detailed grade information for that activity. Use the < Back link in the header to navigate back to previous displays. 

overall gradesImage Modified




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Install the app


Offline features

Most course activities and materials can be downloaded for offline use. Calendar events can be viewed and private messages can be sent to course participants offline. Links to materials outside of AsULearn (such as YouTube videos or external tool activities) will not be included in downloaded course materials. Only quizzes with specific settings may be attempted offline.

Learn more about the mobile app features or view FAQ.

Switching Between AsULearn and AsULearn Projects in the App

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