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To accommodate growth and allow for more phone lines, all campus-to-campus internal dialing , will change from the last four digits of a phone number to the last five digits on Aug. 4, 2023.

Internal Phone Calls


To complete a call from an internal campus line to an internal campus line:

  1. Dial the last five digits of the phone number. For example:
    1. A Boone number, 828-262-6266 will be internally dialed as x26266
    2. A Hickory number, 828-827-9988 will be internally dialed as x79988
    3. A Hunt Group/Algo/Intercom number, 1000 will be internally dialed as x11000
  2. If you dial the last four digits by mistake, your call will not be completed.

  3. This will not affect external dialing or faxing since those processes use the phone number in full.

External Phone Calls


  1. Dial the number 9. This will allow you to dial outside of campus.

  2. Then dial a 1 if calling long distance (outside of 828) and the complete number.
    1. Example: 9-1-919-913-1234

  3. Or if dialing a local call, dial the phone number minus the area code.
    1. Example: 9-268-1234 

International Calls

International calling is NOT enabled on VoiP lines by default.  Department leadership will need to authorize international calling for campus phone lines by submitting a request.

International calls will typically incur a charge per minute and cost may vary depending on country call rates.  The cost of the call will be charged back to the department the line is registered with.     

To make an international call from a campus phone, dial

9 – 011 – <country code> – <city code> – <telephone #>

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