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Add the Accessibility Review block to your course:

  1. Return Browse to your course home page, and Enable enable Edit mode at the top right, .
  2. If you do not see the +Add a block option at the top right, open the block drawer by clicking on the left-facing arrow, also at the top right.

    With the block drawer open, click +Add a block.

  3. Select Accessibility+ Review and and your block will appear on the right hand side of the course page. Once your review is complete, the results will appear in the block.

  4. Once the review is complete, the summary results are shown in the Accessibility+ Review block, as seen below.

  5. The block will list errors in six categories.

    At the bottom of the Accessibility review block, there are four icons. Each of them provides different views/options for reviewing the analysis and making your course content more accessible. Left to right, they represent:

    1. Toggle Accessibility+ Heatmap

    2. View the Accessibility+ Report

    3. Download the Accessibility+ Report

    4. View the Accessibility+ Outline Report

Accessibility+ toolkit block

The Accessibility+ toolkit block is an alternative way to interact with the course analysis. The primary advantage to the block is the ability for it to highlight the resources on the course main page that have issues. This highlighting is not shown to students, it is just for the faculty to help visualize areas that may need attention.