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A grouping is a group of groups, that is, a group is a division of groupings; so this taxonomy is created in reverse. Groups hold users, Groupings hold groups

  1. From the main Groups page, select the Groupings tab at the top.

  2. Click the Create grouping button.

  3. Enter the Grouping name and an optional Grouping description, then click Save changes.

  4. The Grouping is shown in the table. In the image below the Apples group has already been added to the Fruit grouping.

    • Click the gear icon on the far right to edit the Grouping (name, description).
    • Click the trashcan icon to delete the Grouping. This will not delete the groups associated with it.
    • Click the person icon to specify the Groups to be included in the Grouping (next step).

  5. Click a group listed under Potential members, then click < Add to move the group to the Existing members of the grouping.

    Click a group listed in Existing members, then click Remove > to move the group out of the grouping.

  6. When you have added all the groups, click the Back to groupings button.