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    1. Course View: The VoiceThread Course View link allows students to see all VoiceThreads shared with the class group. Once a Course View link is added to an AsULearn course, the course group is created automatically.
    2. VT Home: Students click the VT Home link to be taken to their VoiceThread homepage. Add this link somewhere in your course that is easy to find so that students can have a simple way to see all of their VoiceThread information including content, groups, notifications.
    3. Individual VT:  The Individual VT link will open up a specific VoiceThread that you choose. This is a good option for mini lecture content, discussion boards, or any nongraded content you want to share directly with students. Once you click on the Individual VT option on the Setup page, you will see a list of your VoiceThread assignments; or If you have not yet created anything, you can click Create new VoiceThread and make one. Then click on the VT you want for the activity and then click Share with class.
    4. Assignment Builder: This setup option is best to use for a VoiceThread activity that you want to grade student participation in. It will create a column in the gradebook associated to the activity. It allows for three different types of VoiceThread assignments:
    • Create - an assignment which requires students to create a new VoiceThread.
    • Comment - an assignment which requires students to comment on a VoiceThread; multiple comments can be required.
    • Watch - an assignment which links to a VoiceThread that students must watch. Student must watch all the video at normal speed to receive credit.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you You MUST create your VoiceThread assignments prior to setting up the assignment/activity link in AsULearn.