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  1. From your course page click the gear icon (top right) menu and select Turn editing on from the menu.

  2. In a topic section click the +Add an activity or resource link.

  3. Click on the Forum activity in the list, then click Add at the bottom of the popup.

  4. Enter the (required) Forum name and (optional) Description.

  5. Modify settings in the sections that follow (see below), then click one of the Save buttons at the bottom.

  6. From your course page click the gear icon (top right) menu and select Turn editing off.



Click the arrow to the left of the title for the settings section to toggle expanding the display; or click Expand all in the top right to open all sections. See the blue question marks marks (question)Image Added on the settings screen for explanations of settings not covered here.


When Read tracking is enabled, participants can track messages that are read and unread in the forum and in discussions, as unread posts remain highlighted. 

Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings

Enable Turnitin (select Yes) for the plugin to evaluate students' posts.


When enabled, this setting allows teachers to score forum participation in the gradebook Gradebook. Advanced grading methods such as rubrics and grading guides may also be used by selecting different Grading Methods.

Whole Forum Grading

NoteNOTE: If using whole forum grading, scores will be recorded to the gradebookGradebook, but if rubrics or grading are used, students must click the View grades button in the overall forum, not a specific post, to view the grades.
View Grades


The ratings feature existed before the Whole forum grading option was available. Ratings is not as robust a tool for grading.