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Step-by-step guide

Important: Please login to Workshop Scheduler check the list of departments (here) prior to submitting a Workshop Department request to ensure that your department/unit does not already have one established.


  1. Creating a Workshop Department: Workshop offerings are administered by the individual departments conducting them. A Workshops department usually corresponds to a university organizational unit, whether an academic or administrative department.
    1. To create a Workshops Departmentdepartment, please email Fred Woolard at and submit a support ticket and include the following:

      1. Your department or unit name, first name, last name, and username

        1. Note: If you need additional Workshops Departments to properly organize your course offerings the Center for Academic Excellence can assist you.

          1. For example, the Center for Academic Excellence maintains three Workshop Departments:

            CAE Online

            two Workshops departments:

            • Center for Academic Excellence (FAD)
            • Center for Academic Excellence (LTS)
  2. Adding Department Administratordepartment administrator(s).   Once you are notified that your Workshop Department has been created and that you have Administrator privileges, you will be able to:
    1. Create Course Types. Course types are just a simple single-level categorization of your courses used in reporting.
    2. Add new administrators to your Workshop DepartmentAdd workshopsWorkshops department
    3. Add courses. Tip: be mindful of a proliferation of courses that have slightly different names, but practically are the same course. When reporting registration and attendance it will simplify matters. 
      1. Review workshops for accuracy and consistency
    4. Edit content
    5. Schedule instances of a course, a section
    6. Manage attendance
    7. Send out the zoom link
    8. Make other changes to a workshop on behalf of an instructor instructor
      Note: An administrator is NOT the same as an instructor in a Workshop Instructor section (i.e. the person teaching an instance of the workshop course)


Creating Course Types