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Faculty can decide when and how students see the gradebook, or choose to hide the gradebook entirely. Please note that the AsULearn gradebook does not send grade information to the Registrar, and faculty will still need to enter official final grades separately in the Banner form provided at the end of the semester. 

titleNavigating the Gradebook

Instructors can move between the list of gradebook pages. Here are the ones that are accessed most frequently:

  • Grader report: This is the default view. It features a table, containing columns for assignments.. You can make changes to the columns that appear on the Gradebook Setup page, below. 
  • Gradebook Setup:  Use this page to set up categories, adjust the weighting of grades, and add manual items for work submitted outside of an AsULearn assessment or activity.
  • User report: This page shows you the view a student can see. You can also "Login as" to view the gradebook page as an individual student in the course. 
  • Single view: This page contains information about a single student, or a single graded item.

Gradebook: Overview

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