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The Gradebook feature consolidates grade scores set up for assignments, quizzes, and other activities in a variety of grading methods. Each activity has its own grading criteria which can be different from one to the next.

Start by creating your assignments, quizzes, and activities you intend to grade. Set up your grading options (usually in the Grade section for settings). Activities with grading options set up are considered grade items and will be included in the gradebook and in calculations for course final grade unless other settings exclude the grade.

See the blue question marks (question) on the setup screens and the Related Articles below for help with setting up grades and using the gradebook.Students appreciate when faculty utilize the gradebook in AsULearn, so they can more easily track their progress in courses. AsULearn activities that receive grades, such as assignments, quizzes or possibly forums, automatically create entries into the Gradebook. Faculty can also add additional manual grade items to include activities that happen outside of AsULearn. Grades can be grouped into categories and faculty can use the setup piece to match their grading scheme to the AsULearn calculation of overall grades.

Faculty can decide when and how students see the gradebook, or choose to hide the gradebook entirely. Please note that the AsULearn gradebook does not send grade information to the Registrar, and faculty will still need to enter official final grades separately. 

For further help, contact your college consultant.

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