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If a sub name is not listed; check to make sure you have selected the correct state or country. Sub names are filtered so the list only shows the ones for the selected state under 'Location'. 

  • For example: 
    • When adding an App State Academic Affairs internship, select Location ⇨ Domestic and State ⇨ North Carolina on the ‘Add Internship’ page. 
    • Then select Appalachian State University under the Host Name 

      All host names are in their unabbreviated form.
    • Once a selection is made, a list of Sub Names are filled in with all the locations for Appalachian State University, select the appropriate on campus location for the internship, in this example Academic Affairs
  • Updating Host Names and Sub information:
    • If you notice a host has changed names,  a sub name is no longer descriptive, or the sub’s address is wrong or moved locations; you can put in a ticket to get the information updated.