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  • With Pulse Secure VPN connected, launch Jabber on your computer or mobile device.  
  • Enter your full AppState Email Address when prompted and then authenticate with your AppState credentials. 
  • Jabber will register/display your phone number based on your login information.  Note:  If a phone line is not linked to your username in the VOIP database it will not appear in Jabber. 


  • Please be aware that some features of Jabber VoIP have been disabled to improve performance. Call forwarding and Single Number Reach have been temporarily disabled.  
  • Windows User Guide
  • MacOS User Guide
  • Android and iOS devices will only support one to one lines (one phone number registered to one user). 
  • Hunt groups (call centers) will need to use a Windows or MacOS solution and login to the hunt group under Phone controls in the bottom right of the Jabber software.     
  • Remember to dial phone numbers as if you were on campus, dial 9 for an outside line.  

Special Information for members of a Hunt Group

  • If you are a member of a Hunt Group (special configurations for groups of users, call centers, etc) you will see an additional button on Jabber that will log you into and out of your hunt group.  

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