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Take attendance from the AsULearn mobile app


Attendance can now be taken directly from the AsULearn mobile app. Currently only sessions that started in the last 6 hours and 1 day in the future will be available (this setting can be expanded, so please let us know if more sessions would be helpful).

Browse to the attendance activity in the course from within the mobile app.


Click the Submit attendance button at the bottom to save and record.

Configure attendance warnings


Warnings thresholds affect the absentee report and allow students and third parties to be notified. If more than one warning is triggered at exactly the same time, only the warning with the lower warning threshold will be sent.

From the attendance activity, go to the Warnings set tab and click the Add warning button.

Configure the settings as desired:

  • Warn if percentage falls under: Warnings are triggered if a student's overall percentage for this attendance activity falls below this amount.
  • Number of sessions taken before warning: Set the number of sessions that should be taken for a student before the warning should be triggered.
  • Maximum number of e-mail warnings: Set the number of times a student should receive the e-mail warning for this session.
  • Email user: If enabled, an e-mail will be sent to the student.
  • Email subject: This setting defaults to "Attendance warning", but it is customizable.
  • Email content: Default message content is configured, but can also be customized. Wildcard options are available from the help icon next to the field.
  • Notify other users: Select other users with permission to view attendance reports to receive the notification.

Click the Add button to save the warning set.

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