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  • Fill out Template
    • Click on Instructional text to replace with the text of the article. Instructional text does not show up on the published article.
    • Elements are movable and can be deleted if not needed. Use the format toolbar at the top of the page to add elements and format the body of article. 
    • Related Articles is the Content by Label Macro that will list articles by label. The list is in alphabetical order and limited to 50. Click on the Content by Label macro and choose Edit to bring up the edit options. Add the label or labels of the related articles you want to list into the "Label" text box, remove the label that is already listed and Save.
    • Click Preview at the bottom of the page to see what will be published. From Preview mode click Edit to get back to Edit Mode. 
  • Search Knowledge Base navigates to the Dashboard. No editing required
  • Submit a Service Request navigates to Jira Service Desk. No editing required. 

  • Please leave the Please leave the elements at the bottom of the page. The Page Properties box at the bottom of the article . This is hidden and used for reporting purposes, it will not show up anywhere but edit mode.
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  •  Save Article. The Save button is located bottom right of the page.