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uDesk (formally called AppVDI) is a remote virtual Windows desktop environment running on servers located in the ASU campus data centers. uDesk provides a desktop environment that roughly matches what you would see in a computer lab on campus or in your office except it is accessed via a client or web browser running on your computer or mobile device.

Who can use uDesk?

uDesk is available for all Faculty and Staff. uDesk is only available to Students who are taking a Distance Learning class. 

How to Access uDesk.

uDesk can be accessed by either the View Client or a Web browser. Clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Apple iOS and Android devices.

Clients for Windows and Mac OS X can be downloaded at

Clients for Linux can be downloaded at on_view_clients/2_0

Clients for Apple IOS can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on your device at

Clients for Android can be download from the Google Play Store at

When prompted during the client install for the Connection Server please enter:

To access the uDesk via a Web Browser just open your browser and go to: and select the "VMware Horizon View HTML Access" option.

Using uDesk

Once logged into uDesk you will be presented with up to two uDesk desktop options. They are:

uDesk -­‐ Faculty & Staff -­‐ This provides a desktop environment very similar to what you would see in your office. Only faculty and staff will see this option.

uDesk -­‐ Student -­‐ This option provides a desktop environment customized for student use. Faculty and staff can use this option for testing what a student would see, if needed.

Documentation on using the Horizon View Clients or HTML Access can be found at:

Saving work

All work needs to be saved to either the provided network drive P:, cloud storage e.g. Google Drive, or a USB drive. Any work saved to drive C: or My Documents, etc... will not be saved when you log off your uDesk session and will be lost. So it is very important to save work to one of the locations listed above.

USB Drive Warning! You should NEVER open a document from a USB drive in uDesk. To do so can result in loss of data or extremely poor performance of your uDesk session. USB drives should only be used for the uploading or saving of documents to/from uDesk. Once copied to uDesk from the USB drive you can work on your file(s) as your normally would.

Problems Logging into uDesk

The most common reason someone cannot login to uDesk centers around password issues. If you cannot login to uDesk for any reason, simply go to the Password Manager at and change your password. Then wait 10 minutes and try logging in again.

Who to contact for support

For assistance with uDesk, please contact the Help Desk at 828-262-6266 or enter a support request at

Limitations of uDesk

uDesk is not recommended for intensive 3D applications. Attempting to utilize intensive 3D applications will either fail or result in poor performance of your uDesk session.

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