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Google always redirects to AppState's login or inbox, preventing me from logging in to my personal google account or I am being redirected to my personal account when I try to log into my appstate account.


This issue is caused by the browser history. Clearing the history will fix the issue but this solution is temporary because the browser history will save the page/site and cause the same problem in the future.

Internet history, also known as browser history, is a tool or resource in a Web browser that keeps track of sites and pages that a user visits. Through tabulating URLs, Internet history facilitates a quick reference or lookup of previously visited pages. 

The best solution to this problem is to add a second account.

  1. Log into the appstate account. (Log out of your personal account first if you are logged into it)
  2. Click on the Mountaineer Apps icon in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on add account. 
  4. log in with email address and password of your personal account.

To switch back and forth between these two accounts, click on the Mountaineer Apps icon in the upper right hand corner and choose the account you want to view from the list.

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