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This guide will show you how to configure your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) on asu secure wireless:

1) Launch the Settings App from the home screen on your iOS Device.

2) Tap Wi-Fi on the left side of the Settings menu, then choose asu to connect to the AppState secure network.

3) Enter your AppState Credentials and tap Join.

4) Tap Trust on the certificate pop-up.

5) If this is your first time connecting this device to the asu network, you will need to register. To do this, open a web browser and navigate to Login with you Appstate Credentials and complete the registration.

Note: You must wait 15 minutes for registration to take effect and you may need to reboot your device. Students are allowed 4 device registrations and Faculty/Staff are allowed 5 registrations on the asu secure network.

Visit or call the Technology Support Center for assistance with your iOS Devices.

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