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The onboarding course organizes topics into the three modules below, that employees can complete at their own pace within their first three months on the job. Employees aren't restricted from "working ahead" but are required to complete all of the modules within the first 90 days on the job. 

Required activities are listed in bold font.

Module 1 (days 1-30): Things you NEED to know within your 1st month on the job. 

      • Module 1 Monthly Checklist
      • Resource Center
      • Banner Time Entry Tutorials
      • Health and Retirement Benefits Overview (eLesson)
      • Annual Performance Plan Process
      • Discussion Board w/ prompt
      • Campus Safety & Security (eLesson)
      • Professional Development Options (eLesson)
      • Safety Training Checklist
      • Knowledge Check 1
      • Campus Connection 1

Module 2 (30-60 days): Things you MUST know within your 2nd month on the job.

      • Module 2 Monthly Checklist
      • Resource Center
      • Discussion Board w/ prompt
      • ITS Cybersecurity Training: Security Awareness Foundations
      • EEODF Training Acknowledgement
      • eLesson Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
      • eLesson Personal Safety & Mutual Respect
      • Knowledge Check 2
      • Campus Connection 2

Module 3 (days 61-90): Things that are NICE to know within your 3rd month on the job. 

      • Module 3 Monthly Checklist
      • Resource Center
      • Into to SEANC
      • Discussion Board w/ prompt
      • Knowledge Check 3
      • Campus Connection 3
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