Follow the steps below to map a drive on your Windows 10 computer. 

Step-by-step guide

If you have recently been granted access to a departmental M: drive folder that is not in your organizational unit or if you are a student requesting access to a M: drive folder then you will need to map a drive letter to view it. 

1.  Open file explorer, by right clicking on the Windows 10 Start Icon, and selecting File Explorer from the list.


2.  Select This PC  from the left column.

3.  Select the Computer Tab at the top of the screen and then click Map network Drive.

4.  Choose a drive letter from the list that is not occupied. 

5.  Type in the folder path. The path will always start with \\\ and then continue with the department and folder name that you requested access to. 


6.  Make sure Reconnect at sign-in is checked and Connect using different credentials is unchecked.

7.  Click Finish and restart your computer. 

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