Wireless networking allows you to access network applications and resources from your network-enabled device without the need for having to plug into a wired data jack. 

Personal Devices

  • You are a current student enrolled in classes
  • You are faculty or staff on a personal mobile device
  • Your device is not a smart TV or gaming system.

There is a separate registration process for gaming consoles and smart-TVs.

Visit wifi.appstate.edu to connect personal devices to the campus network.

University-Owned Devices

  • Your laptop or desktop was purchased by and for Appalachian
  • You need access to Appalachian resources (Banner, WebFocus, etc.)
  • Designed to improve wireless connectivity for faculty and staff

Getting Connected to the ASU network

Students are allowed 4 device registrations and Faculty/Staff are allowed 5 registrations on the "asu" secure network.

Choose your device type:

Wireless Printers cannot authenticate on the ASU network. We recommend using a USB cable for printers.

About the ASU Network

ITS continues to make security one of our top priorities, and we encourage you to set up connections to our Secure WiFi Network for all devices you use to connect to the Internet. Our Secure WiFi provides encryption for all online interactions. Each device must be registered in order to connect to the Secure ASU Network. 

How to Get Help:

  • Submit a Service Request for university devices.
  • Bring your personal device to our IT Support Center, located in Anne Belk Hall.
  • Call our IT Help Desk at 828-262-8324 Option 1.

Campus Wireless Coverage

Wireless coverage is provided in all University buildings, both academic and residential. 

See outdoor Wi-Fi locations with this campus map


Report a Wireless issue

Submit this ticket to our team to report any wireless issues. 

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