I need to know the status of a contract.


You can search and view contracts that are within your organizations access 

  1. Go to Contracts -> Contracts -> Search Contracts
  2. If you are in Simple Search (only 4 fields to search by) click the Advanced Search link on the right hand side of the page
  3. The easiest way to search for contracts is by Supplier/Vendor/Second Party (these all mean the same thing)
    1. Enter the vendor name in the Second Party field
  4. Click Search
  5. The Contract Number and its current status will be displayed 
  6. A status of Executed: In Effect means the contract is complete and can be payed against
  7. A status of Out for Signature means the contract is complete and is waiting for signatures
    1. To resend a DocuSign, contact your YoMart Admin

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