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I need to submit a reimbursement in YoMart


Use the Online Direct Pay Form for travel and non-travel reimbursements.

1. Select the Request for Direct Payment sticker from the YoMart homepage 

2. Fill out all 11 steps - important changes to steps are listed below

3. Step 1 - Vendor - should be the person that is to be reimbursed

If the student or employee is not showing up please contact Dawn Sturgill with Vendor Maintenance  

4. Step 5 - Type of Payment - should be either Employee Non-Travel Reimbursement or Student Non-Travel Reimbursement 

Do not select Other on this step

5. Step 11 - Attachments - Include all receipts of purchases to be reimbursed

6. Once all steps have been filled, scroll to the top of the form and choose Add and Go To Cart from the available actions

7. Click Go

8. In your shopping cart, if you do not have fund access please Assign Cart to your department admin, otherwise Proceed to Checkout

9. Please see the Checkout page for further instructions

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