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For users of the Duo Mobile app, when you don't have your phone with you, bypass codes are your ticket to accessing your account. Follow the instructions below to obtain ten one-time codes that can be used to log into Duo when your other methods of authentication are not available.

You must have the duo app installed on your smartphone to do this and it is best to do this in advance since losing access to your smartphone is usually what precipitates the need for an emergency bypass code.

Step-by-step guide

  • Bring up the Duo Authentication window. Attempting to log into any App State account will cause the Duo Authentication Window to display. If you are already logged into your App State accounts, try using another browser or use the incognito window for chrome.

  • Click on "Enter a Passcode".

  • Click on "text me new codes"

A text with 10 single-use bypass codes will be sent to your phone in a text. Write these down and keep them in your wallet or purse for when you need them.

Each code is good for a single-use, and you have to use them sequentially. When you need to use one, select the Enter a Code option and enter the code that starts with the number indicated in the Duo window and click Log In.

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