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Why use this service?

Many faculty rely on the communication tools in AsULearn to correspond with students, and that is a great approach. Using is not required by faculty or students, it simply provides another communication channel.

Some faculty were seeking a tool that focused on the convenience of texting, but wanted to also protect the privacy of using their mobile number with students. By default, Remind uses Appstate email accounts, but students and teachers can elect to enter their cell phone information in order to receive text alerts on a mobile device. All personal information remains completely confidential, so teachers do not know their students' numbers, and students do not gain access to the faculty member's cell number.

Common Questions

  1. Does work for AsULearn sites with meta links?
    Yes. The classes in are a reflection of the individual courses in AsULearn including meta-link enrollments.

  2. If I added other people to the AsULearn site, i.e. teachers, colleagues or grad assistants, will they get the messages?
    Yes. Even if you manually added someone to the AsULearn site, they are part of the class for that site.

  3. Does recognize groups within AsULearn?
    No. does not recognize groups within AsULearn, so it may be best to rely on Announcements or QuickMail for that feature.

Getting started

You should receive an email from Remind with a link and directions to log in. Be sure to check your official Appmail inbox to find the email (or check your junk or spam folder). Follow the steps below to access your rostered account and take advantage of your new tools!

  1. Check your school email inbox for a Remind message  

    Having a hard time locating the Remind email OR need to start a new account?
    If you can’t find the Remind email in your school inbox or you wish to start a new account, go to this link and type in your school email address to access your rostered account.

    If you are new to Remind: Look for an email with a link to claim your account. The AsULearn team created this account for you and also provided classes with rosters based on AsULearn enrollments. Click Claim your account in the email and follow the prompts to create a password and setup your account, and claim the classes created for you by your school.

    If you already have an account on Remind: Look for an email with a link to claim your account. Click Claim your account in the email and when asked if you've used Remind before, select Yes, I have. You will then be prompted to enter your existing account credentials. Remind will link your existing Remind account with the one your school created. Follow the prompts to claim the classes selected for you by your school. You will still be able to access all of your pre-existing classes and contacts in your account.



    Note: When you log into your rostered account, you may get a notification that indicates you have duplicate Remind account - if you have used more than one email address or phone number with Remind, or if your contact information has changed since you first signed up for Remind. If you merge your duplicate accounts, any private conversations from the merged account will not transfer over, but all new conversations will be in your linked account moving forward. If you believe you've merged an account in error, please contact our Support team via

  2. Claim your classes to complete your account 

    The AsULearn team has rostered classes for you: Review your class list and click Finish to add those classes to your account and complete the set up. The classes will be added to your account without affecting any existing classes in your account.

    *Please note, classes can be claimed by logging in to Remind through the Remind website or on their mobile app.

    If you'd like to archive your rostered classes, you can do so by clicking on the three dots to the right of the class name and selecting Archive. Once new classes are confirmed, you can archive the classes at any time. Archived classes can also be restored.

    You are now ready to send your first Remind message!

    If your school didn't roster classes for you: Follow this link to learn how to create your own classes and begin sending messages.


  3. Invite your students to join to utilize the service.

    1. Students will have to opt in to use the service and can either add their mobile phone in their profile, or download the Remind app.
    2. Details on what to send to your students may be found here
    3. The AsULearn team has worked with the vendor to roster your students in your classes.  Should your student list happen to not be accurate, you can also invite your students to join your class manually.  See this help document for more information:
  4. Send a message

    There are three ways to send a message using Remind:

    A.  Through AsULearn - 

    Turn editing on.

    Add an Activity or Resource

    Add an External Tool

    Choose Remind

    B. Through the website:

    To send a message, click the blue pencil composer and select the class you would like to send your message to.

    Class announcements are sent to all members of your class. When a participant replies to a class announcement, only the class owner who sent the message will receive the response. 

    Group conversations allow you to select up to 9 other participants (totaling 10 in the conversation) to start a group conversation. When you send a message in your group conversation, all participants will see one another as well as the responses. To find group conversations, scroll past your classes in the composer. 

    An individual message is a chat between you and one other participant. Only you and the participant can see this type of message.

    C.  Download the app 


  5. Learn more about your Remind account

    Watch the getting started for teachers video to learn more about all the great things you can do with your Remind account!

Adding a block in AsULearn

Step 1 - Get the Widget Code

  • First, download the code for your widget.
  • Login to
  • To view the widgets, click your name in the upper left,  then select Account settings. account settings
  • Click Widgets on the left.

  • You are given the option to have ALL your class texts show up on your homepage or ONE class at a time.

  • Click the blue “Copy widget Code” link for your class. widget code

Step 2 - Create an AsULearn Block and paste code

  1. After you have copied that code, follow these steps.
  2. Go to your AsUlearn course site and turn editing on.
  3. In the far left column, click to Add a block.
  4. From the list, click HTML, to add an HTML block.
  5. Look for the new HTML block in the far right column and click to configure.
  6. Next, click the </> icon on the toolbar to toggle to code view.
  7. Next, paste in the script. Should look similar to the screenshot below.

    widget code

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