Q: What is [External] Email Tagging
A: External Email Tagging is where the tag “[External]” is added to the beginning of the subject line for all email messages that were sent from external sources.  In other words, messages not from appstate.edu.

Q: What is the purpose of the [External] tag?
A:  The [External] tag is there to help you to realize the message did originate from an appstate.edu email address.  With a message tagged as [External] you need to consider:

Q: Are all [EXTERNAL] tagged messages dangerous?
A: No. Many legitimate messages come from external sources. However, a common phishing method is via Email. The [EXTERNAL] tag helps bring attention to email messages that are not from the University.

Q: When is this change taking effect?
A: Monday, October 26, 2020

Q: Can I opt out of or turnoff [EXTERNAL] tagging?
A: No, [EXTERNAL] tagging is added to all non-appstate.edu email subject lines to help signify email from external sources. 

Q: I received an email that was tagged as [EXTERNAL], but it came from a system my department uses on a regular basis. Is there a way to get an exemption from the [EXTERNAL] tagging?
A: It is the intent that all external messages should have the [External] tag. However, in some cases it may be possible to configure the service to send email as appstate.edu.  Please enter a Tech Support Ticket at https://tech.appstate.edu for assistance.

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