During the Summer of 2021 AsULearn  was updated with a new version of the Activity and Resource chooser. 

As before, to Add an Activity or resource:

Turn Editing On.

Move your view to the bottom of section where you intend to make and addition, and select +Add an activity or resource.

add an activity or resource

Next, the new Activity and Resource Chooser is displayed:

activity chooser

The Activity or Resource Chooser has tabs that can filter your view between Activities, Resources, or if you have previously Starred an Activity or Resource you can filter by your Starred list. 

If this is your first time using the new Chooser, you may not see any Starred items. To add an item to the Starred tab, select the star on the individual item. 

Alternatively you can search for items by typing the first few letters of the name of the item in the Search field.  

To implement the Add, select the item, then edit details as usual. 

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