ASUVPN is a web-based solution that creates a "virtual private network" or a secure connection/tunnel back to the campus network allowing off campus users access to on campus only resources. ASUVPN also provides the capability to access a university computer from home. 

The office computer must be powered on to make connection.

Step-by-step guide

Add the steps involved:

macOS users, you can not use Apple's built in screen sharing application.

  1. Launch System and select the Sharing Pane

  2. Select and Enable "Remote Management", then click on "Computer Settings" to enable vnc. Make a note of the IP dns name/ip address shown. This address will be used later to connect back to your machine

  3. Check the checkbox for "VNC Viewers may control screen with password:" and create a password. This password will be unique to you and your office computer. Click Ok

  4. Close System
  5. Open a web browser
  6. Go to
  7. Enter a support ticket requesting VNC access via ASUVPN for your ASU Account. Please provide the following information in the ticket
  8. If you do not have a VPN application installed on your remote computer (not your office computer), download the VPN application for your platform. Instructions for AppState's Pulse Secure VPN installation can be found here

    Once your request has been completed you will be notified via email. 

  9. Connect to ASUVPN with Pulse Secure
  10. You will need to use a VNC application to remote into your ASU owned university Mac. Below is a screenshot of the settings for Chicken of the VNC on macOS for reference

You will be held responsible for any damages or service outages caused by you, your device or account while using this service. Appalachian State University, Information Technology Services, and Technology Support Services will not be held responsible for any damages or additional charges they may apply while using this service. Use this service and application at your own risk.

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