Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this document is to define the processes and standards around the computer refresh program for Academic Affairs. This program is managed by IT Support Services and covers all tenure-track faculty and full-time faculty on multi-year contracts, as well as full-time staff. Lecturers on one-year contracts and part time adjunct faculty and other part-time employees will be provided with a best available computer. 

Due to the need for mobile computing and working and teaching remotely, the computer refresh program will only be providing laptops now. Included with each laptop is one 24" monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Additional monitors are the responsibility of the department.

When an individual receives their new computer, the old computer must be returned to be repurposed or surplussed. Many of these computers go to part-time employees who are not eligible for the refresh program and many go to departments to help improve the overall quality of computers these areas.

The typical refresh cycle is four years.

Per our minimum security standard, all computers must be enrolled in the university's computer management system.

Standard Windows Laptop

Dell Latitude 5420 

High-end Windows Laptop

Dell Precision 3560 

Tablet/2-in-1 Laptop

Dell Latitude 9420 2-in-1

Standard Apple Laptop

Macbook Air 13"

Apple Laptop

M1 Macbook Air - Standard 13"

Macbook Pro - High-End 16"

What happens with old computer?

Can I keep my old computer?

New Positions/faculty

Employees are expected to clean any personal files off their computer. IT will migrate data from the old computer to the replacement.

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