Instructions on the best way to email a class.

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The best way to email students in your class is to use AsULearn’s News Forum or Quickmail block since these do not require the setup of a mailto handler or email client.  AsULearn is synchronized with Banner so you can be sure that you are contacting ALL your students during the volatile drop/add period.

AsULearn’s News Forum is a tool within every course created in AsULearn. This News Forum will allow an instructor to post a message topic in the forum. Each post will then be automatically emailed to all class members (with 30 minutes for you to edit, or within 5 minutes if you tick the “Mail now” option). For more detailed instructions see the AsULearn guide at

The QuickMail block is a feature you may add to an AsULearn course. This block will allow you to send email to the entire class, groups, or individual students. The block must be added to your AsULearn course (a 3-click process). For instructions on how to add a block to your course see the guide here

With each of these AsULearn options, a record of your communication (forum post or email) is retained in the course. It is important to note that students would have access to see previous News Forum posts but would not see the QuickMail history, which is available only to the instructor sending the message.

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