When you schedule a workshop you should publicize it so that participants can register for it. The easiest way to do this is to post message to the appropriate campus group. (See How do I send a message to faculty and staff? here: https://announce.appstate.edu/faq) A direct link to the Registration screen for a workshop can be included in the message so recipients need only click the link to find it.

NOTE: This URL will always bring users to the current Registration screen for the workshop which lists all scheduled upcoming Workshop Sections, so you can reuse an email announcement for sections of the same workshop that you schedule later.

You can also describe in an email or printed announcement how to find the workshop on the website workshops.appstate.edu using the FIND A WORKSHOP filters (see page 5).

One administrator has successfully emailed a workshop announcement by going to the Registration screen for the workshop and copying everything from the workshop name to the Register button and pasting this into an email message. Because email clients vary it’s not possible to give complete instructions for this process that will apply to everyone; you will have to do some experimenting on your own. Your message will need to be formatted as HTML or Rich Text as opposed to Plain Text to retain the formatting of the copied text and for links to work from the email message.

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