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To view and access student submissions for an assignment, click the assignment from the main course page.  

Submission section

The status for the student's submission is displayed as No attempt or Submitted for grading.

Not Graded or Graded is displayed.

Time remaining before submission deadline is displayed.

Any files the student has uploaded are listed with the upload time stamp. Click the file link to download it.

PDF files uploaded by the student can be viewed and commented on in the Review panel (see Panel Display below).

If the student left a comment, the count will be greater than (0). Click the + Comments link to display any comments and the field for you to leave a comment that the student will see.

Grade section

The Grade section for the Submission screen will vary depending on the grading features you selected when setting up the assignment, often including the spaces for Feedback comments, for uploading Feedback files, and for entering the student's numeric Grade on the assignment. 

When a grade is entered and saved, Current grade in gradebook value is displayed.

Upload Feedback Files

To upload a file for the student to access the option must be turned on for the assignment (Edit settings > Feedback types).

Panel Display

The display options for the Review and Grade panels are the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the Submission screen:

Hover the mouse pointer over them to display their labels, which are (left to right):

If a PDF file is submitted, open the Review panel to display it with the annotation tools to mark up the PDF inside AsULearn. When you Save changes to the grading, the annotated PDF will be available for the student to access in the Feedback section for the assignment. 

Save Changes

In the top left of the Submission screen click a link to return to:

Note: You may also select Quick grading at the bottom of the Grading page under Options. Quick grading allows you to assign grades and provide feedback directly in the grading table. However, this option is not available for assignments that use advanced grading (rubrics and marking guides).

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