I cannot log into university owned computers/devices


If you have not tried logging into a different university computer please do so. This will determine if the problem is with the computer or account related. If you are able to log into a different computer please Submit a Service Request to get the problem computer looked at by a desktop consultant. If you are unable to log into any university computer, the problem is account related.

If you have not tried logging into your email account please do so. If you are NOT able to log into your appstate email account than your password has expired. You will need to reset your password using the Password Manager. If you are able to log into your email account than your issue is most likely being caused by your Active Directory Account.

If you are a new student/employee or are returning from an absence, your AD account has most likely been enabled but does not have an updated password. Change your password using the Password Manager.

If this does not fix the problem, please Submit a Service Request or call the Help Desk (828) 262-8324 Option 1

Only active Students, Faculty and Staff members have enabled Active Directory accounts and can log into university owned computers. Students must be enrolled in classes, staff must be currently employed and faculty must have an active contract.

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