Instructors can import student grades directly to the AsULearn gradebook from a spreadsheet. This data can be imported into existing grade columns for activities, or into new grade items created during the import process. You cannot import directly into category totals or the Course total column. This page describes how to format a grading spreadsheet, and then import this student data into AsULearn.

Step-by-step guide

Prepare a data file for import

To successfully import data to the AsULearn gradebook, the import spreadsheet file must:

For best results, we suggest you first go to the AsULearn gradebook for the course and Export the gradebook to use as a template to be imported back with new data. This will ensure you have the correct unique identifiers to match data to the correct students. Open the exported CSV file with Excel or Google Sheets and add your grade data. 

Save the modified file (the Exported file you modified or one you created from scratch), then save as the file type needed for importing:

Import file to gradebook

  1. From your main course page select Grades from the drawer menu on the left (hamburger icon top left to open) or select Gradebook from the gear menu (top right). 

  2. Select the Import tab. Click the blue (question) buttons for help on the individual options.

  3. Drag and drop the prepared file (see above) from your file explorer to the blue arrow region; or click Choose a file.... to open the File picker:
  4. Wait for the file to upload. When the upload is complete, the file name will be displayed in blue text in the drag-and-drop region. Wait for it to turn blue.

  5. For Separator:
  6. Click Upload grades. The Import preview screen will open.
  7. Below the preview rows, open the Identify user by section (click the label) to match the unique identifiers in your spreadsheet to students in AsULearn.
  8. The Grade item mappings section is where you match columns in your spreadsheet to grade items in AsULearn. The column headings from your imported file will be listed at left, with a dropdown menu to the right listing existing grade items in the course gradebook. 

  9. To import the file with your settings click Upload grades at the bottom of the screen. The import will begin. If the import is successful, you will see a message: Grade import success.
  10. Click Continue to return to the Grader report view of your gradebook. Make sure the new data is properly inserted in the appropriate columns of your gradebook.

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