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All workshops (not sections) in your Community (you may be an Admin for more than one) that match the filters under FIND A WORKSHOP (to the left) are listed. Click the Name, Start Date, or Type column head to sort by that column (default sort is by Name). Select the number of Items Per Page to display on this screen in the upper right corner of the list. If the list continues on additional screens, use the links for the pages in the center above the list to display the rest of the list.

Filter the list with the fields in the FIND A WORKSHOP menu.

Select the Add Workshop link to create a new workshop for your Community. You must have at least one Workshop Type (see page 8) before you can create a Workshop, since this is a required field.

For listed Workshops:

Click the Edit link to modify the details for a workshop.

Click on the Sec(tion) link to view a list of all the Workshop Sections for that workshop that are scheduled to occur on or after the specified date (which defaults to today). To see previously scheduled workshops, change the Show Section On or After Date. To include workshop sections marked Inactive, turn on the Show Inactive option.

Click on the Del(ete) link to delete a workshop. You can only delete workshops for the Community in which you are an Administrator. Deleting a Workshop removes all records of the Workshop including all Sections and Registrants. This action cannot be undone. Confirm the delete by selecting Submit on the confirmation screen; or Cancel to retain the workshop.

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