The instructions below outline how to use the Thunderbird mail application to transfer personal email that is in your Appstate Gmail account to your new email account. To do this, you will set up both email accounts in Thunderbird, then move folders from one account to another. 

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Transferring Personal Appstate Gmail Data on Mac

University accounts and data contained within are property of Appalachian State University and every effort should be made to adhere to the Acceptable Use of Computing and Electronic Resources Policy for data integrity and retention:  

The University shall not be responsible for any personal material or information stored on University Information Technology. The University assumes no responsibility for backing up personal material or personal information stored on University Information Technology and shall have no obligation to produce any such personal material or information at any point during or after an individual’s period of employment, enrollment, or other affiliation. The user accepts all responsibility of removing personal materials prior to their separation with the University. This provision does not apply to current students’ academic work stored on University Information Technology.

Step1.  Install Thunderbird Mail Client

Navigate to

Select “Free Download”

Look in the lower left corner for the .dmg file that is downloaded. Click it to start the install

Drag the Thunderbird icon to the Applications folder icon

Go to your Applications folder and launch Thunderbird. Select Open when prompted.

Step2.  Configure Thunderbird

When Thunderbird opens, select File>New>Existing Mail Account

Enter your Appstate email account information in the “Set Up Your Existing Email Address” box and then click 'Continue' 

Click "Configure Manually."

Change "Authentication" on the Incoming and Outgoing servers to "OAuth2." Click Done

Sign into your Appstate account. 

Enable Thunderbird to access your Appstate Google account

Now add your personal email account to Thunderbird

Select “Tools” from the Menu Bar and then select “Account Settings”

Select “Account Actions” and then select “Add Mail Account…”

Enter your personal email information and click “Continue”

If your personal email account is a Google account, you will see the screen below and be prompted to sign in again. Enter your personal Gmail address and password and sign in. Click Allow when prompted let Thunderbird access your email.

You should now see both your Appstate email account and your personal email account listed under the “Account Settings”. Select OK

Step 4.  Copy Personal Data

You can now drag folders from your Appstate email account and drop them in your personal email account


*NOTE: If you have a large amount of emails, the process could take a while for all emails in the folder to migrate

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